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"There is an empire living inside of you,
and you don’t like talking about it.
The only view you have left is of what you destroyed,
and you see yourself every time you pull apart the curtains.
Does it ever get lonely
knowing that you are only tall because
you stepped on so many beautiful cities?
Do I want an answer to that?
Don’t you dare tell me I don’t know anything about war.
These poems were born somewhere,
weren’t they?
We are all constantly running away from home
and then wondering why we’re so lost.
Baby, you didn’t just run;
you set everything on fire and then pretended
you didn’t smell the burning.
I can’t believe mouths that turn themselves
into ashtrays so easily.
I can’t believe anything that can come that close to
addiction without fear of getting dirty.
You can keep the matches,
but I’m done chasing wildfires across the country.
Maybe when you are done hating everything
you will realize that you have wounded all that
there was left to love.
Maybe when you are done hating everything,
you will realize that you have only wounded yourself."
- Y.Z, A Roman Catastrophe (via rustyvoices)

(via midnightshivers)

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luna---belle: 36 and 51

36 - 3 dreams you want to fulfill

I used to have so many specific goals and dreams that I wanted to accomplish but now I feel like the dreams I have are less definable and more general. My biggest dream is to really experience everything, to feel the good stuff and the bad and to keep breathing and loving. To raise my daughter to never stop feeling love and life.  

41 - starsign?

I’m a virgo which I’ve always thought is a boring one haha.